Time Perspectives

“You act like bodies in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire”


The botheration arises in about every Western association and it is one that will arrest abounding people’s abilities in life; that is how we are absurd with our time. In this commodity apropos the angle of time, I accomplishment to analyze and afford a ablaze on how we, as bodies behave and act in accordance to our behavior about time. For instance, a lot of men accept that they can get abundant added done in a anniversary than they possibly can and abundant beneath done in a year. As we analyze the abstraction of time perspectives, I accomplishment to accomplish it bright how we, as bodies decay so abundant time on this planet, not alone on aggravating to admission assertive abounding belongings, but aswell on activities that do annihilation but ruin our wellbeing.

It is true, as Seneca credibility out, that man acts in the adverse way to conceivably the way he should as commendations to time. We as bodies tends to anticipate of a year as a aeon of time so abroad that we adeptness never adeptness it, and candidly we adeptness not, but to act in accordance to this acceptance will do us no good, unless we can use it in the actual manner. In the admirable arrangement of this world, a year is to time what a atom of bank is to the beach. We accept to apprehend that our time on this planet is abbreviate and appropriately we accept to act and act fast. Act foolishly? No. But act fast, of course. I say this because we are in the action of killing our planet and it looks acceptable that we adeptness clean ourselves out afore the planet. As we attending forward, into the future, we see a year as a continued time, but if we attending back, we see a year as a tiny allotment of what has been. This may be because of the way we are wired, or it may be because of a abridgement of attendance in our accustomed activities. I would go so far to say that a lot of humans, myself included are broken from our every moment and thus, we attending aback and anticipate “whoa, that went fast.”

Before, Now, Then

As abounding of us who are ambitious, aggravating to accomplish a change in the world, attending at our agitation list, we anticipate of ourselves as superheroes. It is asinine to anticipate that you can get 50 things done this week, if 10 things done able-bodied would suffice. As we body our agitation lists, schedules or even plan for the advancing weeks, we assume to anticipate of ourselves as the Incredible Hulk of tasks, aback that we are paralyzing ourselves afore we even begin. As we attending at the anniversary ahead, abounding of us accept that we can do so abounding things, change so abounding habits and plan actual hard. We accept that action happens in a cushion and the alone apple that exists is the one amid you and your agitation list. We activate the anniversary with top hopes, alone to be discourages by a cord of absent deadlines, goals and to-do’s. Area does the botheration lie? The botheration may lie in our adeptness to get things done. Or it may lie in us getting apparent lazy. If you are a apprenticed individual, aggravating to accomplish something, it apparently lies in the brainy aeroembolism acquired by what seems to be a amaranthine account of to-dos. Accede aggravating to get one affair done tomorrow, to the best of your adeptness and address a account of maximum, three things.

As we plan for the future, appraise over the accomplished and become afraid about the future, we are accident the affiliation over the alone affair we accept a affiliation with; NOW. As we set ourselves a appetite or ambition, for the not so abroad future, the affair that we admiration can beat us. Yield for example, the abstraction that humans acquaint you. Dream big. Anticipate big. Everything accept to be big. But, the accuracy is, this alone hinders our adeptness to get things done and it aswell affects our present accompaniment awareness. If you become afflicted by a approaching goal, you’re no best present with this moment and thus, broken from yourself. If you become disconnected, you’re no best able to admission your abounding potential. Conceivably if we plan for the future, we should set a abroad goal, that is big abundant to alarm us, but already that is done, your focus accept to about-face to getting acutely small. Let me explain. Yield a appetite of an Olympic athlete, training to become the adept of their craft. That athlete, accept to do the aforementioned simple things day in and day out to adeptness their final appetite of acceptable an Olympic gold medalist. This is what I beggarly by getting hour astute and year foolish. That accurate amateur may become bedridden if they anticipate of the next 365 canicule as one behemothic assignment advanced of them. They may accede the assignment as a flat wave, area the acknowledged amateur will accede it, 365 ripples in a calm basin of water.

One of my admired belief and a abundant emblematic assumption is that adventure of Will Smith and his Father. At age-old 10, Will’s Father tore down the bank in foreground of his appointment building. The bank stood 16 anxiety high, including the 6 bottom foundation. Already the bank was taken down, Will’s Father told him and his brother to clean it, a assignment that they said was “impossible”. Every day afterwards school, Will and his brother came to the office, area they began laying bricks. One year later, they had a wall. Their Father said to them, “now don’t acquaint me you can’t do something”. The assumption Will talks about in his account (Will Smith’s Words of Wisdom – You Can Do Anything) is simple, yet it isn’t simple to grasp. Will says, “We did not set out to body a big, behemothic wall. We set out anniversary and every day to lay a brick/s as altogether as a brick could be laid”; therefore, they didn’t attending at this as one big task, but rather 365 little tasks, and instead of aggravating to adeptness their destination, they focused on authoritative anniversary action as absolute as that action could be. The assignment actuality is simple; you charge not attending so far into the approaching that you become bedridden in this moment, but rather, focus on the actuality and now, and do what you can do, the blow will attending afterwards itself.

As man progresses through life, I see added humans getting anxious with abounding things that not alone accomplish them unhappier, but never add the amount to their lives which they anticipate it will. Abounding humans accede ‘successful’ humans as superheroes; humans that are alone absolute in every way and the media does a acceptable job or assuming this angel to the public. Therefore, we analyze the affliction in ourselves to the best that we see in others and body affected and unrealistic expectations of how the apple should attending and feel. We accept acquired over time, but I accept all this ‘evolving’ will anon beat us and we will be beneath able than the things which we accept created. This will leave us victims of our own creations, although we are about there already.


We, as analytical beings, are acceptable victims of ourselves. We absorb added time in the approaching and the accomplished than we do in the present and we become so absorbed in accomplishment and actualization ‘successful’ that we overlook the things that absolutely matter. A abstraction from Harvard afresh came out and it was anxious with ‘The Abnormality Mind’. The abstraction showed us how generally the apperception was present with the accepted action the getting was doing, how blessed they were at the time and how generally the things they were accomplishing had a absolute appulse on their happiness. This abstraction showed us some hasty facts. They assured that a abnormality apperception is an black apperception and that the action the getting was accomplishing didn’t appulse how blessed they were at that accustomed time as generally as they adeptness accept predicted. What this shows us is that abounding of the things which we apperceive as bad, arid or banausic are annihilation but and it is our acumen of them which is bad. Beatitude and attendance are in alternation with one addition and they augment off anniversary other. The commodity on news.harvard.edu states that “The adeptness to anticipate about what is not accident is a cerebral accomplishment that comes at an affecting cost”. This affecting amount is, unhappiness.

Some abstract traditions such as Buddhism advise us that beatitude is to be begin in this present moment and by reminiscing in the accomplished or annoyed about the approaching is a compound for unhappiness. In adjustment to become happier, added advantageous or artlessly bigger animal beings, it is bright that abysmal attendance is a abundant foundation. Attendance allows us to be acquainted of not alone ourselves, but our ambience and through attendance we can become absolutely bright about goals, behavior etc. I animate you, the clairvoyant to absorb beneath time application ‘items’ and added time in the present, getting with yourself or your adolescent animal beings. Absorb added time getting still and beneath time in a frenzy. Yield time to go on walks and be at one with nature, and beneath time sitting at your board or on your corpuscle phone. Lets get aback to area we already were, beings of this planet. I animate you to yield the time out of your day today to be still, address three things you wish to get done tomorrow, and do a 5 minute journal. By artlessly elimination your mind, you will chargeless up amplitude which will advice you become acutely present with this moment. We tend to become beneath and beneath present because yesterday’s agitation account has formed over into today and the important things that were declared to be done a anniversary ago are able-bodied overdue. We again abatement into the allurement of beat and cocky abolition and our minds plan at a agitated pace, one that we can’t accumulate up with. Plan advanced but reside in the present, your action will change.

  • Reside in the present by planning for the approaching and acquirements from the past.
  • Yield time to abeyance and reflect.
  • One addiction at a time, one assignment at a time.
  • Slow down… you’re traveling too fast.
  • How do you eat an elephant? One chaw at a time…